Our Pastor

Pastor Norm Bennett was saved as a youngster, lead to salvation by his mother at the young age of 7. He was raised in a Christian home and taught to honor God from the beginning of his life. He was brought up on Bible Memory Association program and has had the privilege to have learned a lot of Scripture as a young child.

Once in high school our pastor surrendered his life to the Lord and had a heart for God since that time. He has had the privilege of going to Dublin Christian Academy in high school and then on to Bob Jones University for college. Once out of college he was in business for several years before the Lord lead him into full time ministry.  

The Bennett Family was lead to Bethel Baptist in 1997. Since it was a small church plant, Pastor was lead to work full time driving a truck in order to supplement his income.  Pastor Bennett preaches to change lives and challenges his flock to live according to God’s design as set out in the Bible. The Bennett family has 13 children, 6 are still in process of growing up in the home at this time. Pastor enjoys singing, and spending time with family and friends. His greatest joy is to teach God’s Word and see people obey the Lord as He works in their lives.